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merluza capensis o merluza del cabo hgt
Merluza Products of the Sea

Hake Capensis or Cape Hake

Capensis hake (Merluccius capensis), also known as Cape hake, is a whitefish species that inhabits the cold waters of the Southeast Atlantic and Southwest Indian Ocean, specifically in the areas around Namibia, South Africa and Angola. Its scientific name, "capensis", refers to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, which is one of its major areas of distribution. The name Cape hake also includes the species Merluccius paradoxus, which is very similar to capensis and is usually caught together.
Merluza Hubbsi
Products of the Sea

Hubbsi hake or Argentine Hake

Hubbsi hake (Merluccius hubbsi), also known as Argentine hake, is a species of white fish that inhabits the cold waters of the South Atlantic, specifically in the areas near Argentina and Uruguay and the Falklands Islands.
Patagonian Squid Products of the Sea

The Patagonian Squid and Its Nutritional Value

The Patagonian squid, also scientifically known as Loligo gahi, is a species of squid that primarily inhabits the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the South Atlantic, near the Patagonian region. This cephalopod stands out for its economic importance in the fishing industry, as it is a highly demanded commercial product, not only appreciated for its delicate flavor and versatility in the kitchen but also for its impressive nutritional profile. Rich in proteins, low in calories and saturated fats, and a source of important vitamins and minerals, this seafood represents an excellent addition to any healthy diet.
Patagonian Squid Products of the Sea

Frozen Patagonian squid: An ally for the food and hospitality trade

In the dynamic world of catering and hospitality, the constant search for versatile and high-quality ingredients is key to success. Among these, the frozen Patagonian squid stands out as an exceptional choice. In this post, we explore the richness and diversity of the frozen products derived from this squid.
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Fishing Industry Patagonian Squid Products of the Sea

​​Current challenges in the industry: Reflections on the second 2023 Patagonian squid campaign in the Falkland Islands.

Patagonian squid (Loligo patagonia or Loligo gahi) is one of the most consumed species in Europe, and its fishing is one of the Falkland Islands' main economic activities. Local authorities grant fishing rights to certain local companies through fishing licenses. The recently concluded Patagonian squid campaign has raised concerns in the fishing industry, as it closed a month earlier than planned due to the notable scarcity of this resource. This article will examine the challenges faced by fishing companies, as well as projections for the coming months.
Vieira del pacífico cocinada
Products of the Sea

Peruvian calico scallop: A Pacific Ocean Treasure of exquisite Flavour

In the vast stage of the Pacific Ocean, where nature unfolds its majesty, lies a marine treasure worthy of admiration and indulgence: the Peruvian calico scallop. In this article, we will thoroughly explore this sea delicacy, from its description to its nutritional benefits, and compare its characteristics with other marine delights such as queen scallops and king scallops.